Trisha Jo Portraits: Blog en-us (C) 2011-2017 Trisha Jo Photography (Trisha Jo Portraits) Wed, 05 Apr 2017 18:00:00 GMT Wed, 05 Apr 2017 18:00:00 GMT A Royal Princess Experience Recently, I was contacted by a lovely Princess who was passionate in spreading magic to girls and boys all over the land. Our Portrait Studio has partnered with the Beauty Princess, for a limited time, to offer an unforgettable experience.

Let me tell you a little about my experience with my daughter, Royce.


As a portrait artist,

I can tell you this session is bursting with enchantment. Our professional Beauty Princess is charismatic and carries herself with poise. She listens attentively and speaks softly. She is gentle, compassionate and brings out the magic that is within us all. 

As a storyteller,

I am excited to tell you that this experience captures the very essence of our children's hearts. It builds confidence, character and most importantly a memory that will last a lifetime. 

As a mother?

My cup runneth over with love! This was not only an experience for her but for myself as well. Seeing my daughter light up filled my heart with joy. (I wasn't expecting that!) She gasped with excitement when she saw the Princess enter. There was a magic in her eyes that I can't begin to explain! She put on that gown and walked right onto the set with no hesitation. She had a genuine smile from ear to ear! Her happiness filled not only the room but my whole heart. 





This had me completely convinced that this experience is going to be a favorite memory of hers. When we were done with the session, I proceeded to let baby girl know she did a great job and she could have her lollipop now (who doesn't give a two year old an incentive for some cooperation, amiright?) I reached out my hand to help her off the set and she declined. 

She has never turned down a lollipop! She pulled her hand away from mine and said,

"No, Mommy, I want to dance with her." My heart stopped. 








They twirled in their gowns while they giggled and swayed to the music of Beauty and the Beast. She was having the best one on one time with a REAL Disney Princess. She could have lived in that moment forever. 







It is something that I will never forget... something she will never forget.

And when I install this portrait on the wall in her bedroom, we will relive every minute of it. 



It is a dream come true to bring this event to our studio.

Let us capture these magical moments of your little princess that she will cherish forever

and bring a part of Disney World into your world.


Reserve my Princess Experience now

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Beauty and the Beast  

The Beauty.


When I learned that they were making a new Beauty and the Beast film I started collecting all sorts of props, gowns and backdrops to make my own version of Beauty and the Beast. I wanted it to have so much character, I wanted little girls to feel empowered and enchanted. The look on their face after their hair and make up application was just the beginning of their excitement as they saw themselves transforming into Princess Belle.



Then they put on the gown. Their first instinct is to spin and watch the gown stretch to its capacity, twirling beneath them, as if they really ARE a princess. They pick up chip and take a sip of tea, while chatting with Lumiere and Mrs. Potts at the table. They visit the enchanted rose in the west wing and notice the mirror on the table. They ask if the mirror has special powers. "Pick it up and tell me what you see!" They turn and look at their reflection, "I see a Princess".





The Beast.


Just another vision of mine that I could not wait to bring to life. This is my 7 year old son, whom I had to bribe to let me paint his face. The process took about an hour then he got into costume and we started photographing. Of course it's not perfect on the first try so we played around with angles and the lighting. I am really excited with how it turned out and I can't wait to have it printed for the wall space in his bedroom! 

Check out the before and after!


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New sessions for April 2017 We are SO excited to announce

All the new interactive sets & experiences we're offering this year!


We have eggstra cute guests coming April 22nd for our Spring/Easter sessions. Since Easter is a little laster this year we will have sessions with baby lambs and bunnies again!

Hop on over to our shop and click on "Easter Eggsperience" to secure an appointment today! RESERVE MY SESSION


Our new  LIFE SIZE Barbie box is set up and ready for sessions on April 8th, with very limited appointments.

And boy, have we got a real treat for you, Princess Belle is making her way here from the Castle! 

Choose between a meet & greet mini session or a FULL Princess Experience!


Below is a link to purchase a reservation to each of these wonderful April sessions

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Fairytales are REAL. What do you see when you look at your child? Their eyes sparkle with magic and wonder, their smile melts your heart, right? Have you ever thought about what they see, when they look at themselves? They see a princess, a knight, a dinosaur, a pirate, a fairy, super hero, ninja, a mermaid. Whatever they want to be at that exact moment. Thats what they see!


Remember when you did that? Can you recall feeling the magic in your heart when your imagination was at it's peak? Imagine we could all do that today. Close our eyes and be whatever we want to be. Where does it all go? All the magic, your imagination, the fairytale? It can't be because we "grow up". Because truth be told and I'm sure you can agree, I still want to hug a unicorn, kiss a frog prince or be a mermaid! If you're like me, you can certainly relate. Everyday I bring someone's fairytale to life. This, this is the best gift. Embrace it, bring it to life, make it real and make it last forever. Give your child an experience they will never forget! A moment in time that lasts forever. The gift of a fairytale.

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